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Virtual Horse Help
Established in 2010, Virtual Horse Help is a Texas-based company that has been one of the leading event coverage and industry news organizations in the reining and the equestrian community. Viewers from over 40 countries have unprecedented online access to reining industry events, competitions, highlights, results, athlete interviews and insights from today’s leading reining professionals. VHH garners more than 25,000 monthly website views, more than 1,250 YouTube followers, more than 25,000 Facebook fans, more than 7,500 opted in email subscribers and an unprecedented monthly online organic reach of more than 345,000 hits per month.  With this extensive audience, VHH is one of the focal media outlets covering reining and the NRHA worldwide.

WorldWide Slide
Pro Management, for decades the leading public relations and management company for the reining industry, began WorldWide Slide in 2014. Knowing there are few events with a full-time media staff and reining events of major importance would take place, then it would be weeks before the rest of the world could hear about it, if at all. Sent every other Wednesday, it carries all the news of the reining industry FREE to more than 20,000 email addresses. Pro M has worked with the giants in the equine industry and owner Cheryl Cody is an award-winning writer and photographer as well as running the National Reining Breeders Classic, Tulsa Reining Classic, Southwest Reining Horse Association and USA Reining.

What’s New
In 2017, VHH and WorldWide Slide teamed up to become the most effective media entity in the reining horse world. Each carries news from the reining world and together keep reiners updated on current events through direct Eblasts, social media, online learning and news videos and more.

Equestrians everywhere have free access to all of the interactive features of Tom McCutcheon’s Virtual Horse Help and WorldWide Slide by becoming a member at or at

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