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Las Vegas High Roller Reining Classic

Joe Schmidt is back getting the hard hitting facts at the High Roller Reining in Las Vegas.. Politics, religion, pigeons, he covers it all with some of the NRHA’s top trainers.

Champions Mandy McCutcheon and Special Kinda Nite set the bar pretty high with a 223.5. L4 Reserve Champion and L3 Champion, Rick Christen has his final win with MsDreamy and Jennifer Neel, daughter of Cowhorse trainer Tom Neel, wins the L1 Non Pro Derby.

Joe Schmidt shares Andrea Fappani’s secret to his big win and marking a 233.5 on Platinum Vintage. We also talk with winners Matt Mills and Patrick Flaherty.

Platinum Vintage crushes the competition

L4 Champion Andrea Fappani gives tips on how to keep your horses attention in the show pen. L3 Champion Jordan McBurney has a big week after her win in the Pony Races and L2 Champion Ruben Vandorp has a couple friends drop in on his interview…

A tough field of competitors raced through 4 heats to make the finals of the prestigious “Pony Race.” A Calcutta before the race helped to raise money for the Youth.

Mandy Brumley talks about her involvement with the Arabian and Half Arabian reiners and what the win means to her.

We talk with the winners, Kelsey Huffman and Dr. Jim Morgan.

We check in and see how everyone’s luck is going in the casino. Its not sounding great…

Debbie Brown and Arkys Smart Leo Lad take the Championship in their first time showing together.

Erin Reid and Twylite Zone marked a 72 to win the first slate of the World Para Reining class at the High Roller Reining Classic in Las Vegas. See how they made history today.

What is everyone looking forward to doing in Vegas other than showing their horses?



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