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Who’s Who on Twitter

1. @NRHA

The first twitter is a very obvious choice, the National Reining Horse Association official twitter account is important for every Reiner to follow. The account updates frequently usually with a link connecting back to their very active Facebook Page. 

2. @AQHA

With another obvious choice the American Quarter Horse Association official twitter is important to follow. The information you will get from this twitter account is going to be a much wider variety of information but the account updates very frequently so you will be in the know about everything related to quarter horses. 

3. @InsideReining

The popular NRHA show Inside Reining has its own twitter account and it is a good follow for information about the show. Inside Reining’s tweets often link to some of their great videos about the sport of reining. 

4. @QHNews

Quarter Horse News official twitter account is another one that is not specific to reining but to quarter horses in general. Although don’t skip this account because like the name says it is full of news, news, news. Links to sales and information about stallions and new babies are filling this twitter feed. 

5. @AriatTulsaRein

The Ariat Tulsa Reining Classic is a great competition for reiners each August but this twitter is great about staying updated year round. The Ariat Tulsa Reining twitter also updates with some information from the Global Reining Sport Group which is always great to keep up with. 

6. @Equimed

A personal favorite, Equimed has vast information about the care of all horses. Equimed seems to be constantly updating with quotes, pictures, blog posts, and more recommendations of who else to follow. Equimed is also great about replying to tweets sent at them. 

7. @VHorseHelp
The twitter is a great way to keep up with no only what is going on at the website, but also with what is going on in the reining world. Links are posted to all the VirtualHorseHelp YouTube videos and behind the scenes pictures.VirtualHorseHelp will also answer all the questions tweeted at the account. 

So there you go the 7 best twitter accounts for reiners! Hope you can stay connected to the world of reining through these twitter accounts.

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