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10 Faces All Reiners Will Recognize

As Bon Jovi once said, “I’ve made a million faces/And I’ve rocked them all.” Or…wait. Was that seen a million faces? Either way, we think most reiners will recognize these, because they’ve made them or seen them at some point in their career. These are the faces you make when…
1. … you’re the first in the draw.
2. … you school one too many spins in a row.
3. … you’ve been up all night in the warm-up pen.
4. … you forgot your pattern (again).

5. … your horse gets a little too fast in the rundown.
6. … your trainer tells you to go fence your horse for the first time ever.
7. … you win your class, however big or small.
8. … your friend is the next one up in the show pen.
9… realize you went left when you should have gone right

10…….you watch the Level 4 Open at the Derby.



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