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5 Reasons Horse Trainer Dads are the Best

Horse trainer dads, like Tom McCutcheon, are special guys who work really hard in the barn, but also play hard at home with their kids like Carlee and Cade McCutcheon.

1. Even when they win big they still carry you around

Tom McCutcheon and Daughter Carlee at the World Equestrian Games 2010

2. There is always room for you in their saddle.

Tom McCutcheon and son Cade McCutcheon USET Reining Champion

3. They are PROS at braiding pony tails.

4. They are used to life in the barn so they’re not afraid to let you get dirty.

Tom McCutcheon and Son Cade

5. They are always there to cheer you on.

Tom McCutcheon and Son Cade Reining Horse
Tom McCutcheon Mandy McCutcheon and Daughter Carli at NRHA Derby Short Stirrup
Mandy McCutcheon and Father Tim McQuary at the Kentucky Reining Cup with Yellow Jersey
Tom McCutcheon and daughter Carlee at the NRHA Derby Warm Up Pen



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