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Lifehacks for Equestrians

5 Lifehacks for Equestrians

Who doesn’t want to be more efficient on a daily basis around the barn? Here are a few tips to help you manage your time around the barn & prepare for the show ring.

No. 1:  Use an emery board to remove stains & adhesive residue from suede.

No. 2:  Keep Your Hat On! Use strong hold hairspray right before you go in the show ring to keep that hat on tight!

No. 3:  When applying duct tape to wraps, wrap the duct tape in the opposite direction to keep the wrap in place when you remove the tape.

No. 4:  Place silica gel packs in your tack storage bins to prevent mold on your tack.

No. 5:  Tom McCutcheon’s Virtual Horse Help. From your training questions answered to behind-the-scenes experiences at some of the world’s biggest shows, Virtual Horse Help is your answer with Free Membership!

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