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If the Reining Score System Applied to Everyday Life

The reining score system, for those of us comforted by nice square boxes and basic addition and subtraction, gives us one nice score to end the day on, a recognizable number to know how well the day went.

Unfortunately, real life doesn’t actually work that way. An average day isn’t a 70; an above-average day isn’t a 72 or better. When you make a mistake, you don’t just get a penalty; real life consequences are much more severe. The reining score system, alas, begins and ends in the show pen………………………..Until now.


Morning routine

An average score of 0 for morning maneuvers will be awarded to individuals who wake up with their alarm, pick out a conservative outfit and make a standard breakfast.

Plus scores will be awarded to those who wake up ahead of their alarm, dress like a fashion model and whip up a true “complete breakfast” with coffee, fruit, and maybe breakfast-food-commercial-perfect eggs.

Minus scores will be awarded to individuals who hit the snooze, wear mis-matching socks and skip breakfast.


One point: showering in water too hot or too cold

Three points: failure to match your belt and your shoes

Five points: spilling coffee down your front

Penalty zero: sleeping right through the alarm.

At Work

An average score of 0 will be awarded to individuals who show up to work on time, perform their tasks adequately and finish their to-do list when it’s time to head home.

Plus scores will be awarded to those who make a good joke at the water cooler, impress the boss or come up with a light-bulb idea in an important meeting.

Minus scores will be awarded to those who drink the last coffee in the pot and don’t make more, take too long of a lunch break or accidentally park in the boss’s special spot in the lot.


One point: cornering your co-workers at the lunch table to tell them yet another story about your horse

Three points: getting caught watching Virtual Horse Help videos when you should be working

Five points: sneaking out early so you can go the barn

Penalty zero: calling in sick so you can go to another horse show.


An average maneuver score of zero will be awarded to individuals who obey the speed limit, stay in their lines and generally follow all traffic laws and signals.

A plus score will be earned by individuals who can speed just a little bit but not get caught, catch every green light on the way home and evade traffic.

Minus scores will be awarded to those who drive around with the low-fuel light on (for days at a time), try to run the yellow-orange-red lights and always get stuck in the slow lane.


One point: being stuck in the left turn lane with no left turn arrow

Three points: getting a flat tire

Five points: receiving a ticket for speeding

Penalty zero: crunching bumpers with the annoying guy tailgating you the whole way home.

So what’s your average daily score? Apply the reining score system to your day-to-day life and let us know how you’re doing in the comments!

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