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Welcome to VirtualHorseHelp

Welcome to VirtualHorseHelp

                  Hey, horse enthusiasts! I am excited to tell you about my website that has launched, This website will be your ultimate guide to training your horse to perform better on a daily basis no matter what discipline you are in. You will be able to hear from the industries top professionals about training, how they got started, and even go behind-the-scenes of horse shows to let you be apart of what is happening.

                  VirtualHorseHelp has three main components: Virtual Training, Virtual View, and Virtual Barn. In Virtual Training you will be able to find resources to help you become a better trainer and a better horseman. Be sure to ask all of your questions relating to horses and we will get all of your questions answered. You will see videos ranging from Horsemanship 101, Horse Care, Training, Bloopers, and much more!

                  Virtual View has an exclusive behind-the-scenes view that no other website offers. You will be able to see what happens in the every day life of my family and Team McCutcheon. Also, you will see what happens at the shows as we prepare our horses and ourselves for some of our biggest events. In Virtual View there is the “Winner’s Circle” and it will include biographies of top professionals, non-pros, and even our beloved horses. You will take a look back into history and see what made these riders and horses and how they got to where they are now.

                  I will be able to answer any question you have, what’s a good truck, trailer, how to properly saddle a horse, or anything else you can think of. If I can’t personally answer the question then we have many top professionals throughout the horse industry who will be able to answer your questions. I look forward to you joining this website, hearing your questions, and helping make you a better horseman.

Best regards,

Tom McCutcheon

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