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West Coast Reining Horse Association

Hear from National Reining Horse Association & West Coast Reining Horse Association Professional Trainers Mike Boyle, Tracer Gilson, & Ricki Nicolazzi. We caught up with them at the 2015 National Reining Breeders Classic to talk about what sets the WCRHA apart from other affiliates, their favorite things about being professional trainers of the WCRHA, & how you can get started as not only a member but a competitor in this fun-filled successful association that is the NRHA’s largest affiliate!

Tom McCutcheon’s Virtual Horse Help is proud to be a Diamond Sponsor of the WCRHA & we are looking forward to taking you along for the ride with us & the WCRHA! 

It’s wheels up straight from the NRHA Derby on June 28th for Northern California to take you on video tours of some of the WCRHA’s professional’s facilities. We will be bringing you ranch, horse, & human interest stories from some of this Gold Level affiliate’s finest training centers, visiting with their staff, their customers, & of course, the trainers themselves.

Next, we slide straight into their ever-popular Star Spangled Slide horse show, where we will be bringing you behind the scenes & interview coverage of one of the favorite shows of the year for the WCRHA members.

Speaking of membership, the WCRHA is proud of their ever-growing & talented group of non professional members that are coached by some of the finest trainers in the world, the professional trainers of the WCRHA.

For more information on the WCRHA, click HERE or visit their website at There you’ll find the WCRHA show & events schedule, a list of the talented NRHA professionals available to coach you to your dreams in the show pen or to help take your horse to the top levels of the industry, information on how to become a member, news, & much more.

To view the WCRHA’s latest Newsletter click HERE.



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