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In The Winner’s Circle: Chris Dawson


NRCHA Professional Horseman, Chris Dawson & his fiance, NRCHA Professional Sarah Winters, visit with Tom McCutcheon’s Virtual Horse Help at their ranch in Oklahoma & gave us a demonstation in their practice pen, & we learned a lot! You will too! Check it out!

Sarah says, “I paid him to say that,” when he talks fondly of their life together. 
Chris chases down a cow in their pen at home on Wisha Pona Star, owned by Eric Storey.

Wisha Pona Star doesn’t take her eyes off of that cow!

Chris doesn’t take his eyes off of that cow either!

Making turning a cow on the fence look easy!

Chris guiding Wisha Pona Star.


A job well done in the practice pen. Thanks for the demo Chris!

In The Dawson’s tack room there’s a piece of equipment for every job.

Even for training a polo pony & roping a steer.

Thank you, Chris & Sarah, we enjoyed our visit to your facility!

We appreciate all you showed & taught us!



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