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2016 NRCHA World’s Greatest Horseman & Celebration of Champions

At the NRCHA Celebration of Champions, the NRCHA World Championship Show presented by John Deere features the top horses and riders from each of the NRCHA’s eight geographic regions competing for World Championship titles in fourteen exciting events. In the World’s Greatest Horseman, it is all about one horse, one rider and one very impressive title. In one bit, horses compete in four contests: herd work, rein work, steer stopping and cow work. 

In addition to all the behind-the-scenes coverage of the show, Virtual Horse Help will also be covering the inaugural Winter Premier Sale. In this first video, Tim McQuay and Dell Hendricks provide a preview of what to expect during this sale which will precede the 2016 World’s Greatest Horseman Finals at the NRCHA Celebration of Champions.


World’s Greatest Horseman Finals

World’s Greatest Horseman Prelims

Open Two Rein World Champs Jake Telford & Lenas Buddy Nic

Open Hackamore Champion interview

Tim & Dell talk about the Winter Premier Sale

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