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2017 NRHA Handbook Available Online

The 2017 National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Handbook is available online for worldwide Reining enthusiasts. The 2017 NRHA Handbook includes the Association’s rules, regulations and judges’ guide along with NRHA Patterns.

HOW DO I GET A COPY?2017 Handbook cover

  • Online version – Visit and click on the Membership tab to find the Handbook in a PDF form. This version is available to anyone free of charge.
  • In print – When renewing your membership, be sure to indicate that you’d like to receive a copy of the 2017 NRHA Handbook. When the print edition is available, it will be mailed to you. If you are a 3-year or Lifetime member and need to request a Handbook, call 405-946-7400 to speak a Member Services representative.
  • Free iPhone app – The 2017 NRHA Handbook will become available on the existing app and via download in the coming weeks. The app is available to anyone free of charge.
  • Save to iBooks – Go to the Handbook in NRHA’s website, click to download the entire 2017 NRHA Handbook pdf, tap the screen and click on “Open in iBooks.” This will save the Handbook in iBooks.

Members interested in viewing the NRHA Bylaws or the Corporate Record Book can find them online in the Members Only section of the NRHA website.


Any NRHA member in good standing can submit a proposed change or addition for the NRHA Board of Directors to consider. It is recommended that the merits of the change, as well as specific wording for the rule be submitted. The deadline to propose rule changes for the 2018 NRHA Handbook is December 15, 2016. A form to submit a proposal can be found in the Members Only section of the NRHA website.






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