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Colt Starting Series with Sarah Dawson

Colt Starting Part 1 – Sarah Dawson
Sarah Dawson is a well known colt starter and competed in The Road to the Horse. Sarah talks about how she starts to work a colt, along with teaching the horse to move its hindquarters to be able to control the horse better.


Part 2

Colt Starting Part 2 – Sarah Dawson
In Colt Starting Part 2, Sarah shows you how she desensitizes and saddles her horses. Her main point of focus is to make the horses comfortable in whatever she does.

Part 3

Colt Starting Part 3 – Sarah Dawson
Sarah talks about how she gets on her horses for the first time. Always keep everything organized, such as your lead rope when you are ready to get on so you do not have anything go wrong that is preventable.

Part 4

Colt Starting Part 4 – Sarah Dawson
Sarah talks about how she gets her horses to get its forward motion going without scaring the horse. Being a soft rider and being quiet in your saddle while riding a young horse for the first time is very important in keeping the horse relaxed.

Part 5

Colt Starting Part 5 – Sarah Dawson
Sarah talks about keeping everything soft and simple while working with a young horse, and then with time and persistence everything will start to fall into place. Sarah also talks about how training a horse is more of an art than a science, and says that each horse is different and it is important to treat and train them differently.

Part 6

Colt Starting Part 6 – Sarah Dawson
Sarah goes over how she teaches her young horses how to move off of her legs, and how to not send your horse too many cues at once.

Part 7

Colt Starting Part 7 – Sarah Dawson
Sarah goes over what you should expect the first time you ride a young horse. Sarah teams up with Austin and shows you how to work a colt with two people as opposed to one.



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