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Ground Tying – Mozaun McKibben

Mozaun talks about the importance of teaching his horses to ground tie. Teaching your horse to ground tie can be extremely useful when working on a ranch or doing any activity when you need to get off of your horse. Mozaun shows you how to correctly teach and school your horse to ground tie.

  • When ground tying drop one rein as a cue for the horse to learn not to move. Then slowly move away, if the horse follows you then correct the horse by grabbing the rein and making your horse walk backwards. Drop the rein again and start the process over.
  • When the horse starts to understand this process begin to walk around your horse, and if they move without your permission correct your horse as stated earlier.
  • Correcting your horse should not be an event that scares your horse. It should only let the horse recognize that they did something incorrectly. If you correct them too harshly they can become scared and not want to stand in place. Keep this aspect in mind when training your horse on a daily basis to not scare your horse while training. 

Mozaun talks with Virtual Horse Help about teaching your horse to ground tie and the importance of teaching your horse how to ground tie.



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