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Signs of Colic

Signs of Colic

Here’s a quick list of the typical signs of colic, and what you should do when your horse is colicking.

Virtual Horse Help and the signs of colic and what to do if your horse colics.

  • Clinical signs of colic include behavioral changes or activity that indicate abdominal pain.
  • The signs of colic are universally common, yet each horse will show their own cues.
  • If you horse starts to colic or has signs immediately contact your local vet and follow their directions until they are able to diagnose your horse.
  • Winter is around the corner, and lower temperatures can mean horses drink less. Dehydration and impaction colic are real concerns in the colder months.
  • Continual moving (even in a stall)
  • Frequently pawing at the ground
  • Getting up and down constantly
  • Kicking at their belly
  • Turning their head to their flank
  • Abundant sweating



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